Crossover Music Festival Promo Materials


We use music and the spoken word to minister to the church and proclaim the gospel to those who don’t yet know Christ.

We honor God by serving others with Christ-like love, generosity, and a special focus on homeless teenagers.

VISION:      Transforming lives by serving the community with love and hope.

MISSION:   Fulfilling spiritual and physical needs with music, worship, and outreach.


  1. Honor God (In who we are and all we do)
  2. Serve (Each other and community)
  3. Stewardship (Being faithful with everything God has entrusted to us)

KINGDOM OBJECTIVES:  Create a festival experience that people enjoy with musical artists our audience want to see

  1. A music festival that is spiritual and fun for all.
  2. Attract “A” level Christian artists to drive single night attendance of 5000+
  3. Draw people into a relationship with Jesus through music and the spoken word.

Community impact in two primary areas:  teen homelessness and church unity

  1. Primary benefactor funding for the Teen Harbor Homeless Center with a goal of $200,000 by 2024.
  2. Sunday morning worship on Crossover weekend with many churches acting as One Body of Christ.
  3. Execute a wholistic marketing plan with a goal of reaching > 1 million people by 2024
  4. Annual “Pastor & Spouse Dinner” promoting the local church’s unified purpose in Christ.

Notes placed in the offering at Crossover Worship – Celebration of Biblical Unity Sunday morning, August 22, 2021

Notes for worship service

A letter received from Kids’ Harbor regarding our donation with money raised from the Sporting Clay Fundraiser.

Notes for worship service